Saturday, July 7, 2012

Random Shuffle

So yesterday on my commute home I was listening to my music. I decided that I should let the shuffle do it's job. I have about 600 songs in my playlist. For the last month or so I have listened to 5 of the albums on my list...I would like to say that I listened to those 5 albums in their entirety, but that would be a lie....I listen to about 2 or maybe 3 songs on each album. Soo....I have a fairly limited scope of what is on my phone.

With that being said, yesterday I let the shuffle do it's thing. I promised myself I wouldn't touch the next button for the entire hour. Guess what I found out? I have wonderful music. Things that I put on there and pretty much forgot about.

So why are you telling us this Jenny? (that is what you are probably asking yourself) I used this as an analogy to teach myself to give up the control.  I recently "gave up control" and moved across the country. Can I tell you that it has been wonderful! Honestly every single thing that I have needed has been provided. I am in a great apartment, the ward is WONDERFUL, my job is great, I am in a wonderful city and I feel like I am living my life a little more fully than I was before. I know that this is where I am supposed to be.

I am so blessed. I am seeing that more and more every day, I wonder if it is because I am at a point where I am depending on other people to help me out. I am so grateful to those that have helped me find a place to live and also those that housed me for the first month that I have been here.

In conclusion, I don't think that everything will be perfect. In fact yesterday in my hour of random music shuffle, I did have to sit through Elton John Philadelphia Freedom...but guess what? I made it thorough with not much damage. I do know that it made me appreciate the good stuff even more :)

Sorry I haven't given more details on my move and whatnot. If you want to hear all about it, give me a call, I will fill you in!

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