Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I think the only way that we are able to tolerate the terribleness of the winter weather is that we remember how awesome the summer is. My summer kicked off with a trip to Hawaii. It was beyond amazing! If there was any way to actually make enough money to live there I would totally do it! I loved the warm beaches, the beautiful green-ness and basically everything over there. my trip was a little short but I like to think of it as a warm up for my trip next year :)

The next weekend I went down to Portland and played with Jason, Kaitlin and Samantha (oh yeah Benj and Melinda too!) It was super fun. We played kinect and went to an arcade and I took Jase to see Rio. He was funny. Before we went we stopped a grocery store. I let him pick out whatever candy he wanted and then I was getting a soda and he decided he wanted one too. I looked for a little one but of course Jase wanted the big 20 ouncer. So I figured why not? Well let me tell ya, I learned why not :D We were at the bathroom at least 5 times during that movie. After his 3rd time I put his root beer in my purse and said "hey Jase why don't we save this till you get home it will be yummy to drink with your dinner" His response was that the root beer wasn't what was making him go potty! Luckily though he was a good boy and let me put it in my purse for him to forget about it.

The weekend after that I went with my parents to the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup. I stayed with my old roommate Caprice and her family. I went to a ballroom dance show with Cappy and Jon. It was a good show. It made me miss dancing for sure. :D It was super fun to see Caprice and Monique and see Cappy's cute house and family. I still count my blessings that I was blessed with such awesome roommates. The fair was awesome. I originally wanted to go to learn about beekeeping. My current roommate Bonnie introduced me to the idea of beekeeping and I have been looking into it and it looks pretty awesome. So I learned a little about beekeeping but the awesomest thing that I learned about was Conex box houses. I really want to build a storage container house. It sounds weird but if you look it up they are pretty awesome. I also was intrigued by the idea of doing what I could to live as much "off the grid" as possible. Now for anyone that knows me, you know that it isn't going to be that much off the grid....but the things that I could do and tolerate would be fun to do. So anyway this is going to be my project over the next year or so. I will try and keep some updates on where I am at in the project.

When I got home from the fair I was tired of being out of town so I stayed home the next weekend. I enjoyed relaxing in the pool and riding my bike.

The following weekend I went with Michelle, Katie and Amberlee up to Tacoma for the Western Washington YSA Conference. It was really good. It was fun to go with the girls and get a hotel and go shopping and to dinner and then go meet some new people. I also was able to see my old roommate Jamie. She lives over in Seattle. She is super fun and I love to visit with her. :D

This last weekend was my friend's Bday weekend. We went atomic bowling on Thursday night (I actually didn't bowl terribly) Then on Friday I lounged in the pool all day (and got a terrible burn) and then had the Tour de Marshall. This is a bike race. It is a time trial. You go as fast as possible around a block. It is pretty crazy. But I call it crazy awesome! On Saturday we had our bike gang ride. It was amazing! I love it! That evening I went with my Dad for chinese food and we went to see Super 8. I was not terribly impressed by the movie but the company was hard to beat :D.

Anyways that is the summer so far. I am getting ready to enjoy the 4th of July this weekend and then next weekend I will be heading down to Utah for a wedding. I think by the end of this summer I am probably going to be really tired but it will totally have been worth it :)

Oh yeah in other awesome news I bought my tickets to fly out to DC this fall. I am going to go visit my brother and his family in Washington DC and then go up with my parents to Atlantic City. My mom and I are also going to go over to New York City for a couple of days and also hit up Philadelphia. I am soooo excited! We are going to go see Wicked (I haven't seen it yet) and have breakfast at Tiffany's and go to the Top of the Rock and ride the Statton Island Ferry and feel groovy on the 59th street bridge and go to the Metropolitian Museum of Art and and and......(I know we are crazy! It is going to be sooo busy but it is going to be so fun!) If you have any suggestions of what I have to do in NYC, Philadelphia orWashington DC for that matter please let me know what are must do things :)

Well that is about it for now :) Yey for my second post of 2011....haha!

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