Thursday, October 29, 2009

wow...I thought it had been a while last time I wrote....

So I have been informed that I am not any fun to stalk... this is because I am a lazy blogger. I personally get annoyed when my favorite bloggers are lazy therefore I am boldly supporting a double standard. So a lot has happened since the last time I was on here. I have moved back home to Washington where I got an amazing job. I also have gone back to the singles branch here.... never thought that would happen... So yeah contrary to popular belief (my own included) it isn't bad. I have quite enjoyed moving back. I like living with my fam. I have been working at the elementary school while I waited for my clearance to go through for this job that I just started this last week. The awesome job of which I speak is working in the Field Project Document Control group for the River Protection Project at the Hanford Site Waste Treatment Plant. I worked out there before my mission and I am pretty much doing the same work that I was before. There are still a bunch of the same people that I worked with before out there too. It is nice.
It has been fun hanging out with the fam. We have been working on some different projects. It has been fun.
One thing that is not fun is feeding the calf. Don't get me wrong...Eddie is a good little cow... but his pasture mates are not so good...
Everytime I go out to put him in the pen to feed him his grain the llamas come stare me down... now I don't know if anyone has ever been stared down by a llama but it is creepy! The llama above is just an example llama... not the real deal... Ok so 2 staring llamas is bad enough but then we have a stupid fat cow with horns. This cow likes to be around when we feed Eddie because she is hoping for some crumbs... but she is dumb and just gets in the way and makes Eddie spaz out a little more... Anyway. I get to have these wonderful adventures every other day. Awesome! Can't get that experience in Provo... Actually if you looked you could probably find someone with a bottle fed calf and a couple of llamas. :)
So the thing I miss most about Provo is all of my friends! Tonight I was chatting with a couple of my Provo buddies and we were playing a game of online risk. Nerdy I know. But it really did make me miss everyone. I am excited to go down to visit in January. It will be a short trip but it will be tons of fun. :) Well I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for my next post... If we are lucky it will be in the next month or so... :)