Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Favorite Things that I can't have.

Here is a list of some of my favorite things. These favorite things however are kinda bittersweet. I love thinking of them because they are in fact some of the best things ever. However due to discontinuing the line, geographical location and other misfortune I cannot have these things. I will start from least missed to most missed.

#5: Bath and Body Works White Tea and Ginger body spray. This stuff smells divine. I discovered it one day on my mission while my companion was in the bathroom...I was checking out her fragrance selection and fell in love. While this is not totally discontinued (you can still get it from outlets and the internet...) it is still hard to come by and it is probably only a matter of time before it goes extinct.

#4Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla. Why do they tease us? If you are going to release a flavor and have people fall in love with it why do you have to take it away? Honestly! This is seriously the best stuff EVER!!! I drank a lot of this particular variety when it was around. Then one was gone... :..(

#3 So I am probably better off without this one. Due to my geographical location I am not privy to such things as blue bell ice cream. Anytime I am down far enough south (or at any outback steak house) I can enjoy one of the finer things in life. My preferred flavors are moolenium crunch and chocolate chip cookie dough. Birthday Cake is also delish... if you are feeling a little plain the great divide is also amazing. Anyway...if you have access to this stuff...I might suggest not eating it. It ruins any ice cream that you eat after it.
#2 Curl Life curl cream. This little beauty didn't come into my life for many years. In fact I just happened upon it last year. It is perfect! It makes my hair curly without making it crunchy or gross. Guess what...our relationship is going to be ending...Matrix went and canceled the entire curl life line on me... who does that? Just when we were settling into a normal relationship...

now the moment you all have been waiting for... the number one. Here it goes.
#1 TISH. I miss Tish... She is one of my favorite people ever. If you live in Provo and need someone to do your hair... look no further. She is amazing! She is in fact a beautician and a magician. I haven't gone to anyone else for the past three years. She has always done a great job with my hair and has really reasonable prices. Not to mention that she is one of the only people that I have ever gone to that actually understands curly hair. Oh yeah did I mention that she is a hoot? I love her! And I miss her. I tried to dye my hair myself this last time and ended up with a hot mess... (ok so I just had a killer case of hot roots) but anyway...seriously I will give you her number if you want it. :)

So this concludes my post. I just wanted to share with everyone some of the things that I love and miss. hope you enjoyed it. :)