Monday, March 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

This last week I got to go home! It was great. For some reason it is good to go just be a Lloyd for a while. It was funny while I was home to see that my humor is exactly the same as the rest of the members of my family. It is nice to occasionally go hang out with people that know you for you and are completely judgement free. We got some good bike trips in. I got some good hang out time with Adam. Best of all... I didn't have to go to work or school. It was a nice break. It wasn't the best for my diet though...oh well! At work we are doing a biggest loser contest. I am excited! The winner gets a wii and a wii fit. So I have been really good with going to the gym and eating right...however this was disrupted going home. I am back to being good though. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life is Wonderful.

So this last week has been a good one. I am really liking my new apartment. It has been so nice to move into a new place with new people and kind of have a fresh start. I really like my roommates. They have been so wonderful and welcoming. It is finally starting to warm up here. Thank Goodness!!! I have even been able to wear my flip flops! I am so excited to head off for spring break at home tomorrow. I am going with Heather and Brian. I am so looking forward to the break. So this last week it has been kind of strange. I have ran into like 3 people from my freshman and sophomore ward at BYU-Idaho. At work there is this guy that I monitor that I have been trying to figure out where I know him for for the last 4 months or so...I figured that he worked at APX the previous summer. I was up on the call floor the other day and he stopped me and said that he knew me from somewhere. I said that I was thinking the same thing. We played the guessing game for about five minutes till we decided that we were in the same ward at BYU-I. Then when we really thought about it we remembered that we were FHE siblings. Good thing I have such a great memory (yeah right!) Then the other day I was at the Plasma Center getting signed up to give plasma again (give is kind of a loose term here...basically the only reason I am going to do it is for the $$$ oh yeah and I like to save lives) Anyway the girl at the front desk looked at me and was like...I know you from somewhere. She looked super familar too... so we started to play the guessing game. We had it narrowed down to Provo or Rexburg and then she asked where I lived. We then figured out that we were neighbors at BYU-I. It is amazing how small the mormon world is :)
I hope everyone is having a great week! I will post again next week :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This past week

So this is where I get a little boring and stop is pretty much the same ol' same ol'...but things are going well. I am all moved in and situated in my new/old ward. I love it! I don't however love living in an apartment complex. I forgot about the stinking parking lot lights, the noise and being packed into little apartments. I miss the quiet and darkness of my old room. I have been having problems sleeping and waking up this past week. I made some changes to my bed/room that will hopefully help. I am getting excited to go home next week. Brian was over last night getting his hair cut and we were talking about our plans. I can't wait to go back home. It is weird but every year around this time I just itch to get back to Benton City...So luckily we have spring break :) I am debating if I am going to go over to Seattle while I am home. I love Seattle but have been quite a few times and have done the tourist things several times...the thing that might sway me is that they are going to go to Experience the Music Project/Sci-Fi Museum. Call me a nerd but I really want to go. Speaking of embarassing nerdiness...I keep checking to see if they have rated the new star trek movie. I will admit that I am a closet star trek watcher. This new movie looks pretty good. Well...everyone is probably getting sick of reading this by I will quit. Oh more thing...I have a curse! Whenever I wear flip flops for the first time of the season it ends up snowing....This has been a curse since my BYU-Idaho days... I think it was my castigo for sneakily wearing flip flops to campus. Anyway...I bought some new flip flops for the year (they are pretty cute too!) painted my toe nails a vibrant pink and thought that I was safe due to the warm spring weather...Let me tell you I was not safe...I ended up walking through sicky slushy snow :( it made me very sad. Oh shouldn't be too much longer right?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What the Random!?!

So last night Heather and I went to get some dinner at Jason's Deli (yum!) And we were there filling up our drinks and this guy comes over to fill his up to. Lest you think he was a guy guy...he wasn't he was like a grandpa guy. Anyway. He looks at me and says "Careful don't drink too much you'll pee the bed" I just kind of laughed uncomfortably and tried to hurry up. Then he turns to Heather and says "you too!" and walks off. wow...weird...I know!