Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sssooo.... it's been a while right?

Yeah So I am not the best blogger. But I am sure y'all have figured that out :) So Things have changed since the last time I wrote. I have moved again...Seriously I don't know why I keep moving. There is nothing more depressing than packing all your stuff up and realizing how much junk you have accumulated over time. But I moved to the best place ever! I moved in with my mission companion Christine in Pleasant Grove. It is kind of a long drive to work but I have my own room and it is soooo much bigger than anything I have been in before. Also I get to live with Christine! Plus we have a huge back yard and it is right at the base of the mountains! So besides the moving part I love it. Things at work are alright. I am getting a little bit bored of my job. We did the math the other day and figured out that I have listened to over 10,000 calls while I have worked in this job. Ugh!

Last week my mom came out for Women's Conference. It was a lot of fun! Mom went to both days. I went to the concert on Thursday night and then the whole day on Friday. So the show on Thursday night was kind of funny. We sat by this lady that was super crazy. She was like a 12 year old at a backstreet boys concert. I seriously haven't seen anyone dance like that to an acapella group... yikes! But it was a fun weekend. I liked having mom around. We have a good time hanging out with Josh and Krista.

So yesterday I thought I would spice things up a little bit and go to the Orem Library and get a library card. ( I know...if that is spicing it up I am lame.) But I went right after I went to the plasma center. So I was a little woosey...I was wandering all over the library looking for the books...I never found them! Seriously how is it that I went to the library and couldn't find books. I did however find the amazing dvd section and the cd section. The next stop was the sheet music section. Since when did they have sheet music at a library? Anyway. I walked around for like 45 minutes and found some stuff and then I got all pale and sweaty and felt like I was going to pass out. So I decided that I should get out of there. Anyway. I loved it! I can't wait to go back when I don't feel like poo. :) Well friends. I have to get off of here. I hope everyone has a great week! Love Ya!